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Our work spans the purchase journey from trigger to transaction


We cover the full spectrum of retail environments, from store to screen. And we’ve got masses of category experience under our belts: from food to fashion, health to home improvement; cocktails to electricals…

Our clients tell us our debriefs are some of the best around for getting to the nub of the issue and inspiring action. You can trust us to have authority in the boardroom, but we’ll also put on a good show! We know that engaging an audience is half the battle when ensuring that insight is a catalyst for change.


Getting under the skin of merchandising

“The learnings and recommendations have made a large impact on our thinking in terms of visual merchandising and brand communication within our retail stores. The Shoppercentric team, with their great experience and super-efficient and friendly working style have made the project a pleasure”
- Clara Dooley, Brand Manager, Havaianas


Getting closer to customers


Seeing into the future


Understanding the purchase journey

What our Clients think

“Thanks again for a super useful and engaging session!”

– Lead Shopper Marketing Manager – Manufacturer

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