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We address a wide range of business challenges

Making this happen means using a blended approach of methods

What to sell, where

informing cross-channel ranging and distribution strategies, and helping you build the principles of great layout and adjacencies

How to make shopping easier, and more rewarding

helping retailers and brands to fulfil shoppers' practical and emotional needs across all platforms and channels

Pathway to purchase

understanding how and why choices are made throughout the purchase journey

How to drive footfall

to stores, websites, or categories, by identifying that competitive edge that will pull shoppers in or the nudge to push them

How to put shoppers at the heart of your business plan

by using compelling engagement and immersion techniques to bring stakeholders and shoppers together

Shopper behaviour

understanding the conscious and unconscious behaviour and neuro-responses to predict and influence future decisions

How to  convert at point of sale

identifying the best ways to seduce and persuade via packaging, merchandising/

adjacencies, choice framing and other shopper marketing activation

How to optimise performance across markets

Using our international capabilities to drive best practice and deliver clarity, whilst reflecting the all-important local retail context.

Shopper relationships

exploring brand affinity and how this connection can be amplified before and during purchase cycles

Shopper experience

giving customers a voice to evaluate new or conceptual pack, store and communications initiatives

How do we do this?

By watching, listening, understanding and challenging.

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